We’ll be back in 2023 on the 16th April at our usual venue and once again in the newly refurbished larger hall –

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DVLA Registrations

Ian has been working especially hard dealing with members  the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the DVLA (If you have ever seen the film Brazil you will know what he has to deal with)!

He continues to work on dating certificates and the frustrating complexities of what the DVLA wants to register bikes and works hard trying to keep all our machines on the road or get them back to being on it at least.

Please ONLY contact him using the methods detailed in the


While we welcome members who join us to get a dating certificate it would be even better if you stay with us after your year is up and grow the club further.

To this end the club has started several initiatives, Shaun is keeping up to date in social media with the Facebook page and has had a January sale on membership, we have given raffle prizes of annual memberships and a calendar has been posted out to every member as well.

Historic Vehicles

Changes are afoot of course in the Classic world with the abolition of MOT’s for all pre 1978 vehicles in May 2018. This is also a rolling exemption so as time goes on those 80’s and 90’s vehicles will eventually gain Classic status. How this will work with registering and checking those shed and buried machines not on the DVLA database as being roadworthy when restored or rebuilt isn’t clear yet.

The ramifications of this have been debated in the motoring press a lot and the club has no official stance on the rights or wrongs of this but remember, legally your vehicle has to be roadworthy at all times to be insured.

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